2017-2018 CHAMPS Program

Welcome to the CHAMPS Program!  

We are very excited about your interest in the program this year.  Chamber Music is one of the joys of being a musician and along with orchestra and lessons will help you to broaden your skills and expand your artistic expression. 

CHAMPS partners with public school orchestra programs to offer chamber music instruction once a week during the orchestra class time. Playing chamber music is a great way to develop listening skills, expression, artistry, leadership and social skills as well as stage presence and performing experience. 

Interview-auditions will take place in August or early September to determine placement in a group. 


CHAMPS facilitates forming chamber music groups that meet outside of school for coaching. Students rehearse together outside of coachings and get the chance to move at a faster pace while learning more repertoire. Only well matched groups will be formed. Playing level, personality compatibility, grade level and location will help determine group formation. If interested in playing in an advanced chamber music group contact Leah Nelson. Please include your instrument, school and current private teacher. Pianists who are interested in playing chamber music and are already playing at an advanced level are welcome.

Leah Nelson  leah.salonconcerts@gmail.com

CHAMPS FORMS for current students 2017-2018

To obtain student forms, including introductory letter to the parents, student contact info and tuition form please email Leah Nelson  leah.salonconcerts@gmail.com