What students have to say about the program



CHAMPS has helped me become a better musician and a better person. I learn something new at each rehearsal, through each performance. When I hear other CHAMPS musicians, I can’t help but notice how much they improve over time, and that’s because they are always challenged and encouraged to do better. But the experience isn’t just limited to music; you gain important life skills as you go, such as how to work with other people and how to manage your time. I’ve learned so much through CHAMPS, and I’m confident that every CHAMPS student can say the same. Toby Blumenthal in particular has supported and inspired me tremendously, both with music and with life in general. She goes above and beyond to make sure that I got the best out of the experience.    ~Gary, piano, student in CHAMPS for 4 years

CHAMPS stands for Chamber Music in Public Schools, but it has come to mean something much more for me. It's a program that's allowed me to continue my passion for playing through private lessons as well as chamber groups. I've been involved with the CHAMPS organization for about 2 years total. Through some coaching with 2 different teachers, I was able to gain some skills on how to play more musically and how to read through music and think about it. I was also able to perform a solo with one of my coaches, Toby. This experience sort of reignited the fire I've always had for solo music, and in a way, it has inspired me. It has given me a vision as to what my future could look like. I've also been able to learn from Toby and Leah, people who have lots of experience and wisdom to share. I've never been involved in an organization like this. One that truly and genuinely cares about the students and wants to see them do well. Expects greatness, because they know we have it. An organization that continuously gives by allowing me to take private lessons and continue to improve my playing. With CHAMPS also comes tons of great memories. One of my favorite memories is my very first concert with CHAMPS. My friends and I had just finished playing our piece and we all got up and bowed together. In that moment I felt proud of what we had accomplished and proud of what we had put out, proud to know that this was something we had done, just the five of us along with our coach and we were able to share it with friends and family.   ~Fernando, violin, student in CHAMPS for 2 years