Welcome to the CHAMPS Education Program! 

Dear Reader,

Whether you are a student just beginning your chamber music journey, the parent of a budding young musician, a supporter of music education or curious about chamber music, we welcome you to come and be part of our community. This year celebrates CHAMPS 28th anniversary of providing chamber music education to students in local public schools. With over 1000 CHAMPS alumni now, of which I am one, we are so proud of the opportunities and quality that we have been able to deliver for all these years.  At the beginning of each school year I always look forward to working with students who will have their first chamber music experience as well as those who are returning, desiring to deepen their musical understanding and expand their repertoire. There is so much great music to learn! 

This season I'm excited about some of the projects we have in the works.  In March we will be partnering with the MirĂ³ Quartet for a special new tradition called Kaleidoscope, bringing professional musicians and students together for a chamber music reading party and presentation. This project will allow for the students to workshop with the MirĂ³ and then perform alongside them as a large chamber ensemble. Also coming up in the fall of this year, CHAMPS will partner with composer Catherine Davis to be part of her upcoming production, Reclamation!

As we become more reliant on technology, I feel that playing and experiencing music in real time and in person is that much more valuable. One of my favorite things is watching the concentration on the faces of the performers. Witnessing the students connecting with their fellow musicians though movement, eye contact and breath, and experiencing the joy of simply creating the music in the moment each time, it's what makes chamber music so rewarding. 

Take a look around and join us for some of our fantastic events coming up. Looking forward to connecting with you this year!

Leah Nelson, Executive Director