Our Mission

Salon Concerts is committed to serving the greater Austin community with excellence in chamber music performance and education. 

The mission of Salon Concerts is to foster appreciation and enjoyment of classical chamber music through education and performance. Salon Concerts cultivates the next generation of artists and audiences through increasing exposure and accessibility to chamber music experiences. We support artists, students, and teachers through our Chamber Series and Education Program - CHAMPS (Chamber Music in Public Schools).

Our Chamber Series provides intimate chamber music experiences, featuring professional musicians showcasing a curated repertoire of classical and contemporary music in elegant and interactive settings.

The CHAMPS motto is "leadership through artistry" and it's mission is to nurture an appreciation and love of chamber music in young musicians. CHAMPS provides weekly professional coaching and unique opportunities for performance, collaboration and inclusion. 

Perhaps the best experience in classical music: sitting as close as possible to some of the city’s best players in an opulent room with a view.
— Luke Quinton, the Austin-American Statesman

Salon concerts Vision

Performance - Education - Outreach